Fellowship is at the very heart of the Christian life; which is why going to church and having a place to worship God while interacting with fellow like-minded believers is critical to the growth of one’s spiritual life as well as the body of Christ in general. The church is a place that should lead in the seeking of God, that is, to know more of Him and live a life submitted to Him. It is also a place where the sick should receive healing, the unbelieving brought to the knowledge of God thereby, being saved and the Christian encouraged to continue living for God. The church should also be very instrumental in projecting the love of God to the surrounding community as well as influencing the society around it.

Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades is a church that embodies the above description and much more. The mission statement of Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades is to commit to God, grow in Christ likeness, preach the message of love and serve others. The mission statement has its basis in the Bible, the book where the foundation of the believer’s life along with the church originates and the origin of Christian fellowship.

By its mission statement, Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades creates a great atmosphere to bless the Lord with incredible praise and worship services along with powerful preaching of the word of God as guided by the Holy Spirit. The church seeks to grow the congregation to be more like Christ by offering bible study sessions where the congregants get to delve deep into the word for better understanding and practice. When the word of God is studied and lived by, love becomes the basis in which all things function and Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades is instrumental in making this become the reality of the believer. Once love becomes the driving force of one’s life, then serving one another and the community at large quickly follow.

The services offer a time of rest and equipping of the saints through the word of God. The church also by extension provides a place where you can fill at home with fellow Christians and even forge great bonds of friendship and family. When you are going through the challenges of everyday life, Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades offers a helping hand to walk with you, encourage as well as help you overcome whatever hurdles you may be going through. The church is an excellent place to receive wholesome teachings along with individuals who understand you and seek for you to become your best in every sphere of life.

With it well-roundedness, welcoming nature and foundation on the word of God; Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades comes highly recommended for any person who wants to have life and have it in abundance. Also, it is for anyone who is looking for a Christian, Bible-based church to belong to as well as any individual who wants to know Jesus as their savior. It is also for those who want to make an impact on their society.