Due to the trend in home architecture nowadays, there seem to be more and more choices when it comes to furniture, accessories, appliances and even window coverings. Now, you need not stick to boring monochromes and instead, enjoy lavish colors at home depending on your current theme. In fact, you don’t really need to worry about anything much anymore since you can most likely have everything customized according to how you want it. The same goes to window coverings since custom shades are becoming more and more the trend nowadays.¬†However, why exactly would you need custom shades when in fact, they might be more expensive compared to ready-made ones? There are various reasons for this specific question and most of them are either because of aesthetics or ergonomics.


Custom shade sails are a great alternative to standard sun shades or even umbrellas. Custom sails can be configured to any size shape or design that the end user needs. Sun sails can be used for a variety of applications including but not limited to covering playgrounds, patios, people, equipment or just about anything that your imagination can think of. Sun sails can be bought purchased already made or can be custom made to fit your particular application.
The first thing that the individual must do is decide and mark the area that he or she needs to have covered. Once you have seen the area that you want to be covered you should decide how you want to go about configuring your custom shade sails. Triangles look very nice and can be made to just about any size that you need. However, they do provide less shade than a square or rectangle sail. Custom shades can easily be made into square and rectangles. The only problem is that they tend to belly up in the middle unless you have a very solid foundation. Once you decide what type of sails or sail that you want you should then mark each spot where your post will go. If you are going to attach to the side of a building such as a house, it is important to make sure that your building is solid. You may want to consult with an engineer for specifics. Keep note of your measurements as you will need them when you order your custom sun sail. Try to keep your sails smaller if possible. One large sail can pose more problems than installing multiple triangles or breaking up your area into more sails. Triangle sails look very nice when they are overlapped or even inverted.
If you are going to be using posts you will need to use as solid a material as possible. The larger your sail the more tension that is going to be needed in order for it to not sag. Steel posts are the best option but you can also use wooden posts if needed. The larger the diameter of the material the more support you are going to have. Your holes for your footings should be a minimum of 4 feet deep or at least one-third of your walk through height should go into the ground. Once you have determined the size of your holes you will need to start digging. It is important to notify the proper authorities of your upcoming dig so that they can make sure that there are no electrical or utility lines buried. Use standard methods such as shovels or augers to dig out your holes.
Once your holes are dug you need to position your posts. Be careful if you are using very heavy steel. You can rent a forklift or similar machine at your local equipment rental if need be. Secure your posts in place with 1800 Psi Portland cement. Once the cement is dry you are ready to install your shade sail.
Custom shades are also perfect for themed rooms, such as nurseries or children’s rooms. Adding a touch of the child’s favorite cartoon character to the curtains can instantly spike interest. If you need a professional handle all you custom shades needs, please contact Colorado Shade and Shutter.