In modern times the reddish metal copper is mostly used for making coins, used in electric wirings and for making weather vanes. But recent research by two teenager scientists proved that copper should play a bigger role in medicine. Summer Monroe an 18-year old developed a copper containing bandage which has been used successfully to treat infections in wounds in the battlefield.

Bacteria are multi faceted living beings present almost everywhere on the earth. It lives in our bodies and even in the gut helping in digesting food. But many species of bacteria are extremely harmful to humans, and they are the reason for the invention of antibiotics. But as discovered by Monroe copper can play the role of a disinfectant especially in wounds.

Copper in Medical Bandages for Battle field wounds

Summer Monroe from State College Lakeland Collegiate High school in Lakeland collected data on the effect of copper on a particular bacteria strain Staphylococcus Aureus. This germ lives on the skin and inside the respiratory tract and is mostly harmless. But do not be fooled by their inactivity. They can cause life threatening conditions of food poisoning and sinus infections when they get the perfect condition to grow. Since it is present on the skin the germ has developed resistance to all kinds of drugs. But uses of copper infused bandages seem to curb the growth and finally kill these mischief makers. The test was done in a glass Petri dish. Copper was placed and strain Staphylococcus Aureus was introduced. Not a single bacterium grew near the reddish brown metal, and t5his showed the promise of copper in treating infections. Using this data Monroe designed a copper mesh bandage for battle field wounds. These bandages proved effective to fight infections in places which were far from a medical facility.

Effectiveness of copper in making medical equipment germ free

The second teenage scientist Brandon Healy who is 16 years old studying at Weber High School in Pleasant View, Utah studied the germ fighting capacity of copper from a different viewpoint. He studied the comparative use of steel and copper in medical equipment, to begin with. Because of ease of sterilization steel is the most popular metal in making of medical equipment. But after testing Healy discovered that copper sterilizes by self, and does not need cleaning by disinfectants like steel.

The actual clinical test done was by applying different types of bacteria colonies to steel and copper surfaces. After allowing one-week growth the surfaces were retested, and four-fifths of steel surfaces were having fully grown bacterial colonies. On the other hand, copper surfaces did not record a single bacterium. Another test that testified the unique germ is killing property of the reddish metal was the patient breath test conducted by Healy. He made patients with bacterial infections breath and touch various metal surfaces. Then he let the germs grow for a week. Afterwards, he swabbed germs from the surface and let it grow. The germs taken from stainless steel showed normal growth while only one in a million germs survived from copper surfaces. Thus the results proved that copper was 99 percent more effective than stainless steel in hindering bacterial growth. Copper Mugs provide these benefits while also enjoying your drink of choice. Imagine drinking a Moscow Mule while also drinking from a surface that is healthy. If you have questions regarding these benefits feel free to reach out to our friends over at Custom Copper Mugs.