Anyone who does not yet know the Moscow Mule has missed something – the spicy-spicy cocktail has conquered the German bar counters within a few years. Why the in-drink is not as new as many believe, and how you mix the Moscow Mule quickly and easily at home, we explain here.

Do you need a Custom Copper Mug  for the Moscow Mule?
The Copper Cup , incidentally only optical accessory that has contributed to the marketing success of the drinks. It does not matter in taste. According to ayurvedic teaching one to the copper cup overnight mounted water take minerals of copper, before diseases protect and make tasted noticeable. I do not want to judge if that makes any medical sense , but if you let a Moscow Mule stand overnight, the carbon dioxide from the ginger beer disappears and the whole thing tastes like sleepy feet. Matching (attention advertising!) The Moscow Mule copper cup is available in numerous variations and of course the ones from the Ayurveda Fan shop are also suitable. Since the copper has no flavor in taste, but there are several scientists who, not warning of the copper, but of the additional heavy metals in the various copper alloys, I advise you to enjoy the drink when consumed several times a day from a normal glass , Whereby you have to plague with more daily consumption probably more with other medical worries, as with a possible heavy metal poisoning .

Actually, we are dealing with an old classic: At the beginning of the 1940s, the cocktail was developed by the merchants Rudolph Kunett and John G. Martin in the USA to bring the then unknown ingredients such as vodka to the Americans. With success: The mixture of spicy-sweet ginger beer and Russian Hochprozentigem then hit like a mule kicking around – hence the name. Incidentally, the Moscow Mule is traditionally served in a copper cup.

Classically considered the Moscow Mule is a long drink in the Highball category . A highball consists of a spirit drink – in this case vodka – which is mixed with a larger quantity of a non-alcoholic beverage – in this case ginger lemonade . The most well-known variation, the Munich Mule , will be discussed later in the text.

From Russia with love
The Moscow Mule was invented in the early 1940s by Rudolph Kunett, the new owner of the newly acquired Smirnoff distillery and a Hollywood innkeeper who wanted to market his homemade ginger lemonade . Vodka is a relatively tasteless spirit and had difficulty establishing itself in the new American market. So they decided to mix their products and offer them in a specially produced copper cup. This should clarify the uniqueness and peculiarity of the drink, which the two succeeded with resounding success. The vodka experienced a boom with the Moscow Mule , which continues today.

The Moscow Mule is a perfect year-round cocktail . The ginger warms in the winter and the lime refreshes in the summer. So there’s no reason to drink another cocktail .

Moscow Mule – Vodka, Gingerbeer, Lime

Greetings from Moscow, Äähm Jamaica of course
Since Vodka, as already mentioned, does not really have a taste of its own, the drink lives, stands and falls with the right ginger lemonade . In Europe, the drink was long in secret, due to the poor availability of good ginger lemonade. The Ginger Ale available here is a flattened and mainstream adapted soft drink, which has nothing in common with the original spicy-spicy, but very sweet ginger beer ( Ginger Beer ). Not to be confused, despite the beer in the name, ginger beer is a soft drink. Without ice and lime, ginger is beer It is only to a limited extent to enjoy pure extreme sweetness, but in combination with cooling ice and the acidic lime, it becomes a refreshing drink.