Are you looking for the electric smart glass? Do you know where to find them? Well, read this article to find out more about them. The pace of technology in the past twenty years alone has been nothing short of amazing and awe-inspiring. Lives have been irrevocably altered (for better or worse) with the advent of the Internet. Every day, many people all over the world navigate the highways and byways of their physical universe via GPS. The environment has a new lease on life with the proliferation of hybrid and electronic cars. When the future generation looks back on these times, they will rightfully dub it as the Age of Technology.

Smart glass
Exciting and rapid technological advances are being made later in the research and manufacturing of electrochromic, or auto-tinting, glass. The race to bring smart glass technology to private homes, commercial offices, industrial institutions, and highly industrialized world, is heating up. Top-tier companies in the field, such as Corning, have invested millions of dollars in this industry and the future looks bright.

Smart glass contribute to substantial savings by slashing energy costs significantly. By using natural light, it can cut lighting and cooling costs effectively by as much as 20 to 25 percent. There are many cities and countries in the world today where energy costs border on the prohibitive range. The exorbitant cost discourages and impedes commercial activities and progress. For these places, this is a technology whose time may, indeed, have come.
The Cost of Technology
But it is still a very expensive technology to implement. Even industries and businesses facing long-lasting and sizeable savings by using electrochromic glass are reluctant to make the switch. Investors and industry leaders alike are hoping to bring the price to more commercially viable levels shortly.
It will take even longer for this technology to become a fixture in the homes and lives of everyday citizens, even in the most technologically advanced countries. However, because of the substantial savings it delivers and its low environmental impact, the auto-tinting glass may well be an unavoidable part of the future. It is indeed welcome news for the investors and the scientists whose resources and hard work have added significantly to the improvements in the field.
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And who knows? The future generation who will look back and refer to this time as the Age of Technology may yet consider electrochromic glass to be one of the wonders of the era. It is, after all, a technology that controls light – the source of all life on earth. How cool is that?
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